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2 Things I Remind Myself of Regularly!

There's a lot that goes on in my mind on a daily basis (I mean as a woman, the thoughts never stop!) but today I want to share two things that I've been reminding myself of over the last few weeks that have helped me, and may also help you too!

1. My house is not meant to be a museum.

I think sometimes I see these pictures online of these houses that are spotless, and nothing is out of place. That is partially what drives me to keep my house clean, but also having a clean bathroom and clean floors and all the toys put where they're supposed to be just makes me happy... and gives me peace of mind! My house is clean, but definitely not tidy all the time. And that's okay! Because I have 3 little ones, and they happily play all day. Our houses are supposed to be lived in, not put on display.

2. I can only do one thing at a time.

I have many things on my mental to-do list in a day, and while taking care of three littles ones takes up a lot of that list, I also have laundry to wash, dishes that get piled up quickly, meals to cook, floors that need regular sweeping, etc. But I have to remember that this glorious work we as mamas do will never end.

There will always be one more meal to cook. One more load of laundry to fold. One more load of dishes to put in the dishwasher. So there's no point in rushing throughout the day trying to get everything done at one time. And reminding myself of this has been super helpful because it causes me to focus on what is more important in my days than the housework: my children!

The housework will always be there. But my children won't be, so reminding myself that I don't have to rush and try to do all the housework at one time (because im not aiming for a "picture perfect" home) helps me to relax and instead focus my attention on making sure my children feel seen and heard. They need to know that we as mamas take time out of our day to sit and listen to them, read them books, ask them questions... because that is the work that matters!

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