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27 Weeks Pregnant - Blessings, Challenges and Sacrifices

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Growing up, I would look at pregnant women and think, “Oh my, they are so adorable!” or “I can’t wait to be pregnant one day!” These both still hold true; well, maybe the second one more than the first. I now know how pregnant women feel and it’s definitely not cute or adorable!

This pregnancy has taught me many things that I didn’t know about until I conceived. There are blessings, challenges and sacrifices that come with carrying a child, and I want to list them out for you in this post.

1. Morning sickness can sometimes be all-day sickness. When I hit my 6-week mark, I was throwing up every day. I would let everything out right when I woke up and then sometimes later that night if something I ate didn’t sit well in my stomach. The only time I wasn’t nauseous was when I was sleeping. Thankfully this doesn’t happen to every woman, so hopefully if you’re trying to conceive, you’ll be one of the blessed ones!

2. You may not be able to eat the food you love for awhile. At the beginning of my pregnancy I lived off of potatoes, rice and coca-cola because I couldn’t keep anything else down. I then gradually started trying different things, and I learned what I could and could not keep down. At 27 weeks my menu has definitely increased again, but some things still make me nauseous.

3. As sweet baby gets bigger, so does the number on the scale. This is an obvious statement but may be hard for women who start out weighing very little when they conceive. At each doctor visit, you just kind of add up how much you have gained since the last visit, and when that number gets bigger and bigger it can be a little scary. Just remember that this weight you are carrying is only temporary, and it’s all for baby! The goal of your pregnancy should be to have a healthy child, so focus on that instead of the number on the scale.

4. Hormones are real, and sometimes they cause your moods and feelings to be negative. It’s basically like having PMS for nine months straight. I love my husband Jason so much, but I don’t FEEL as affectionate towards him as I used to. Also, my words seem to come out harsh and with a bad tone, so he has to sweetly call it to my attention. Being ill and harsh with your words is so not fun or godly, so you have to learn to control these things. Hopefully, “they too shall pass!”

5. There are many things you are technically “not allowed” to eat while pregnant. This includes raw honey, processed meat, certain seafood, rice thats been reheated and so on. The list is never ending because supposedly these things are linked to miscarriage or other terrible things. Since I try to follow the majority of these rules, this has definitely been a sacrifice!

6. Your skin might start to change for the worst. I am 27 weeks pregnant and have recently noticed little red dots all over my arms and neck. I had similar spots when I conceived, but more have appeared in the last few weeks. So much for clear skin! This probably doesn’t happen to every woman, but for those who have weird spots, let’s hope they all go away after delivery! Oh and let’s not forget the hairy stomach… but I HAVE been told this goes back to normal after the baby is born. YAY!

7. Good, selfless men are a blessing from God. My husband has done so much for me during this pregnancy. He has always helped me clean our house, but he’s doing more now that I’m getting to the point where I can’t bend over. He helps me reach things that I can’t get to, and he serves me endlessly… especially once I lay down in bed, because us women all know how hard it is to get back up! I can’t say thank you to my man enough. He goes above and beyond for me and our sweet girl and I couldn’t be more grateful.

8. No matter what happens to my body during this journey, I am forever grateful for the privilege to carry a child. Having a miscarriage really taught me to be grateful for the things I’m given. I am SO thankful to God for allowing me the blessing of being pregnant. There is just no experience that compares to a baby moving inside your womb. With that being said, I am so grateful for every moment of nausea I’ve had, for every sleepless night and for every pound I’ve gained. I’m even okay with all the times I couldn’t hold my food down. This is something I do not deserve and it’s also something that some women aren’t able to experience, so I will forever be thankful.

This list is definitely incomplete and I could add quite a bit more, but for now I just wanted to give a short summary of some of the main things I’ve learned during this pregnancy. If you have any questions or comments, please post them! Or if you have experienced any of these same things, please feel free to share!

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