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  • Ciarra Massey

Being Politically Correct in the Church

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

One thing my husband and I have come to realize is that listening to and teaching sound doctrine is of utmost importance. In the New Testament, references to sound doctrine are quoted numerous times. Some examples include Titus 2:1and 2:8, and 1 Timothy 4:16 and 5:20. These verses remind us why it is so important to be mindful of the pastors you’re listening to, the books you’re reading and the church you’re attending.

One thing that has come up in churches lately is something that is almost a superficial and watered-down gospel message. I see this a lot in churches today that are trying very hard to get lost people into their church. We have to be very very careful with this because biblically speaking, the church is not for lost people but for saved people. Hence, believers are the Church, the bride of Christ. We are to reach the lost and share the gospel, but while doing this we are not to make the church a more comfortable place for lost people. If someone that is not a follower of Jesus comes to a worship service but they don’t feel any discomfort or conviction, something is terribly wrong. The gospel and the word of God should bring discomfort and conviction to someone that is not following the word of God.

It’s as if we strive to not offend anyone that may be in our church service. The thing is, the gospel is offensive to people. In fact, it’s foolishness to those who don’t believe, as 1 Corinthians 1:18 tells us. Whenever I read some of Jesus’ words in the gospels, such as Luke 11:42-54 and Matthew 23:13-39, I think of how awful that must have sounded to His hearers! I think of how bold and even harsh that was of Him to call out the religious leaders of His day like that! But was it truly harsh? It may have seemed that way, but anyone who has ever read about how the Pharisees lived knows that Jesus was speaking the absolute truth... And the Pharisees hated Him. In fact, most people hated Him back then and still hate Him today. If people hated Jesus but God's word says that He lives in us today, wouldn't they hate us too?

People despise Jesus because He speaks the truth. In acknowledging that what He says is true, they have to admit their own sin. The truth is that no one wants to admit that they aren’t as good as they think they are and that they have offended God. But we as believers must continue to teach the truth! We must teach that without Christ, people are dead! That without Christ, lost people are not acceptable to God! We must remember that Jesus offended people and was even hated by them, therefore we will be treated the same.

Our goal as believers is not to offend people with the gospel. Our goal is to share the gospel with people in order that they may be saved, and while doing so we must know that we will offend and we will be hated. So brothers and sisters, I encourage you to hold onto the truth of the gospel message. I encourage you to remember your sinfulness before God so that you can grasp more fully the grace that He showed you. I plead with you to speak the truth, even if it means losing family, friends or church members along the way. We are not called to be accepted or favored by the world. We are called to be bold for Christ and preach His gospel message, offensive parts and all.

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