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Good Job, Mama

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Just wanted to share some encouragement to all the women out there who may need it today. We as moms tend to stress about many things... Do we bedshare or put them in a crib in their own room? Do we start solids at 6 months or later? Should we send our kids to public school or homeschool? And the list goes on and on and on. 

While these things are important and we do have to make wise decisions, they are not the MOST important. The most important thing we should be doing for our children is leading them in the ways of the Lord. Teaching them day in and day out the ways of God, showing them they have fallen short of Him and pointing them to the Savior of the world. 

Are you loving your children? Are you patient and gracious, directing your children in the ways of God, what is right and wrong in His eyes? If so, try not to stress so much about whether or not you’re going to breastfeed or formula feed; if you’re going to use a paci or not; if you’re going to put them on a routine or go with the flow. These things are important, but they are also trivial in light of eternity. 

So mamas, don’t worry about the little things so much that you miss the big picture. Make the decisions that are best for your family and don’t let anyone else make the decisions for you. You know what’s best for your little ones, your spouse, and yourself.

Keep on keeping on. You’re doing a great job, mama. 

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