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Super Green Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

In my last post, I shared the recipe for the very berry smoothie bowl. Today I want to share another nutrient-dense breakfast option with you: the super green smoothie bowl! Smoothie Ingredients: - kale - spinach - avocado - banana - almond milk or regular milk - almond butter or peanut butter - chocolate protein powder (optional) Toppings: - banana - strawberries - granola (forgot to add it to my picture) - other fruit  

(Note: you do not need to make your smoothie very big. If you get it too big, it won’t fit in your bowl; plus, it might be too much food at one time because of the toppings that are being added. This bowl is VERY filling!) 

All you do is mix the smoothie ingredients together, pour in a bowl, cut up fruit + other toppings and add to top of smoothie! Then enjoy with a spoon. This recipe is much more filling than just a smoothie by itself; the toppings add a few more calories and a few more nutrients.  

The protein powder is optional for this recipe, but because of the bitterness of the kale and spinach, I highly encourage you to add some! If you don’t have any protein powder, adding a few strawberries, peaches or pineapple would probably help make the smoothie a little bit sweeter. 

As always, try to use organic produce when possible! Also, using almond milk instead of dairy is much better for you! Plus when it’s added to a smoothie, you can’t even tell a difference! 

I hope you enjoy this breakfast option as much as I do! Feel good knowing that you are getting much needed nutrients into your system, and first thing in the morning at that! If you have any variations or additions that you think would be good, feel free to leave a comment! :) 

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