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Very Berry Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

I have a very hard time finding things to eat for breakfast because most items that are offered consist of bread... muffins, bagels, biscuits and etc! Since I try to limit my intake of refined carbs and gluten, this presents a problem. But recently I came across something called the smoothie bowl! It’s basically an Açaí bowl, but without the Açaí packet. You make a smoothie, pour it in a bowl and then add toppings like fruit and granola. It’s much more filling than just a smoothie and it’s much more fun to eat too! ;) Smoothie Ingredients: - frozen berries: I used raspberries & blueberries*  - banana - almond milk or regular milk** - almond butter or peanut butter - protein powder (optional) Toppings: - strawberries - banana - granola - other fruit  

(I also added avocado to mine in this picture... just wanted a few more nutrients!)

Just blend smoothie ingredients, pour in a bowl, cut up fruit and other toppings and place on top of smoothie. Then voila! You have a delicious breakfast. The good thing about making a smoothie bowl is that you get a great amount of much needed nutrients out of just one meal. What could be better than that!?  

I hope you like this breakfast as much as I do! Watch for next weeks post as I plan to share my nutrient-dense green smoothie bowl recipe with you! :)    

*Use organic when possible! (I didn’t use organic berries as you can see in the picture... I was trying to stay within my budget and had to cut back somewhere that week! But organic is truly always best!) 

**Almond milk is MUCH more nutritious than dairy milk. Dairy milk is filled with sugar (the whole milk is, not sure about the others) and is definitely not as good for you as almond milk. I highly encourage you to make the switch! I don’t like the taste of it, but when it’s in a smoothie, I can’t taste it at all! :)

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