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Bonding With My Children in Every Season

When I was pregnant with my second baby, my midwife had recently had her third little one. She wasn't sure if that would be their last or not, so she said she literally held the baby all day. At the time, I guess I understood a little. But I was planning/hoping to have several babies, so that was not on my mind when I had my second little one.

Now that circumstances have changed, I TOTALLY understand what she meant!

I had my third (and last, which is not really by choice) and I hold her all. the. time. She naps in her bassinet, but when she's awake... well, let's just say I have learned how to do most things around the house with one hand!


While I treasure this season, I also realize that:

  1. I would feel this way no matter how many babies I have.

  2. This season wasn't meant to last forever!

For the longest time I was so focused on the bonding I have with my babies when they're little, but I wasn't thinking about the bonding I get to have with them their entire lives!

There is a special bond between a mama (and daddy) and their baby. But with each new season of the child's life comes a new chance to grow in our relationships with that child. The bonding doesn't stop when the child stops being little... you just start bonding in different ways. And that is so encouraging to me!

So as much as I enjoy this season of life when my 3 children are so little, my aim is to enjoy every season of my children's lives and to be content, no matter what season of life I find myself in... whether it's the time for baby seats and onesies and potty training, or the time for schooling and dances and driving. I'm here for all of it, and will see every season as a good gift from "the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." He has been so good to me.

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