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Can't Stop Coughing? Try Thieves Oil

In my last post I wrote to you about how my daughter has gotten sick twice in the past few weeks. One of her symptoms was coughing while trying to sleep. Anyone whose had a nagging cough while trying to sleep at night knows this is quite irritating!

So here is a natural remedy that I found works amazingly well at getting your little ones (and yourself!) to sleep peacefully, even in the midst of sickness.


• Thieves Oil

• Coconut Oil


1. Rub coconut oil on bottoms of feet. This acts as a carrier oil. 2. Put 2-3 drops of Thieves Oil on a Q-tip and rub on feet. Put on socks to keep the oil on the feet and off of everything else. (Thieves is very strong and if you're not wearing socks, you'll probably smell it on your sheets for awhile!)

3. Sleep peacefully.

Thieves Oil is very potent so please be careful when using it around little ones! 1-2 drops would probably be enough if your child is very young. Thieves can be purchased online through Young Living. :) Thanks for reading!

*I wrote this post a few years ago before I canceled my renewal for this blog. Now that it's back up again, I have discovered some new tricks that work for a lingering cough at night! If Thieves doesn't work by itself, feel free to try these. :)

Onion in the room. When a cough from one of my children just won't go away and I've already done Thieves and I've elevated their pillow, I go get an onion! I cut off one side and leave the other side attached. Then I slice it (while it's all still held together by the bottom) and put it by the head of my child's bed. It sounds strange, but it totally works!

Diffuse ACV. Mix 1 part water and 1 part apple cider vinegar (with "the mother") in a diffuser. Let it run in the room while they're sleeping. This remedy works very well, but I will warn you: it stinks!

If you ever find yourself awake because one of your littles (or yourself) are up with a cough, I hope you try one of these natural remedies before reaching for the cough medicine, and I hope they work just as well for your family as they have for mine. Thanks for reading!

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