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Fun Things To Do While Quarantined!

Almost everyone around the world has been or is currently under quarantine. The times we're in right now are tough and frightening, so it's definitely good to do things that are fun and that distract you from constantly thinking of the what-if's. Here are some ideas of things to do to pass the time in a peaceful and joy-filled way:

1. Well for sure the best thing to do right now is spend time with the Lord. Seek Him! I don't mean just read the Bible and pray just for the sake of it. I mean learn who the Lord really is by spending ample time in His Word and by spending consistent time in prayer in the Holy Spirit.

2. Read a book. This is super relaxing and definitely enjoyable. If you don't have any good books at home and can't go to a library since they're all closed, try ordering a good series off of Thrift Books. I've noticed that the older a book is, the cheaper the price seems to be!

3. Watch a good, clean TV show. If you're like me and can't find anything appropriate to watch, VidAngel is free for the month of April! Also, Sling is offering two weeks of free services right now!

4. Do something crafty. I personally am about to start working on a scrapbook of my daughters first year of life!

5. Exercise. This is always good, whether we're quarantined or not.

6. Spend time in the sun. Do some gardening, go swimming, go for a walk, or even read your book outside! Vitamin D is necessary for wellness, especially right now as we are all doing our best to stay healthy and keep sickness away.

7. Spend time with your family. Savor the time you have with your children. We don't know when our time on this earth will end; with or without a pandemic going on, our lives are only a mist. Savor each moment.

8. Have a routine family game night. If you're like me then you're not seeing anyone in your family except the ones who live in your household. (Well I hope you're doing that!) So just have a family game night with those that live with you! A board game is my favorite, but you can always play Monopoly on your Xbox for free!

9. Do some cooking or baking. Make you're favorite dessert! YUM!

10. RELAX. Stress will just make everything worse: your mental, physical and emotional health. Do whatever it is that will help you relax and take it easy.

11. Show yourself grace. We haven't been in this situation before. This is a new virus and new circumstances, and everyone is literally just learning more as the days go by. We as individuals and we as a nation are unsure about what to do and how to handle the situation we have found ourselves in, so be sure to show yourself and those around you grace upon grace.

Do you have any fun ideas to keep yourself entertained and in good spirits during these uncertain times? Please share what you and you're family are doing below!

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