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I Stopped Scrolling My Social Media: Here's Why

Recently I have made a decision that is going to sound kind of odd to many people, especially since I'm trying to establish a blog. But I believe it is a good decision that will benefit me and my family in the long run!

I have decided to technically delete my social media (all except Pinterest, as I need it for recipes until I finish my homemade cookbook!) By "technically" deleting, I mean that I have decided to completely stop scrolling and posting on Facebook and Instagram.

Why did I decide to do this?

A few factors played into this decision:

1) To me, social media sometimes seems pointless. I don't talk to 90% of the people that are on my Facebook and Instagram, so why am I so concerned with what's going on in their lives? And why do they need to see all that's going on in mine? At this point in my life it is a waste of time for me to be scrolling social media.

2) I have a toddler and she is smarter than I probably think. She sees when I pick up a book to read, and she sees when I pick up my phone to mindlessly scroll. As she gets older, I want her to see me learning, reading, and growing... not picking up my phone all throughout the day.

3) Social media is addicting. Ask anyone that has Facebook and they'll most likely agree. I don't want to be enslaved to anything... food, my phone, T.V. So to keep this from happening, I have decided to just forego my social media accounts altogether. And I honestly feel all the better for it! If it wasn't for this natural/homeopathic group I'm in on Facebook, I would possibly delete it for good. (I need that group for when my baby is sick, I need a natural remedy, etc. It is a lifesaver!)

So why am I still doing a blog, and how am I typing on my phone if that's what I was trying to avoid?

I am still doing my blog because I love to write, and I have things to say that might help someone out. And I am only working on my blog while my baby is either napping or asleep for the night (I write this as she is sleeping peacefully on my lap!) I realize that because I have decided to forgo my social media accounts, I will not be able to share my posts to social media. But I also realize that it's okay! They may not get many views and honestly no one may read them, but that's fine with me too. If the Lord wants people to see my posts, they will with or without me sharing them to Facebook.

So to all the people out there that read this post, I encourage you to spend less time on your phones and instead spend more time with the people around you. Spending time with family and friends will always be better than spending time on your phone. Thanks for reading!

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