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Some Friends Only Last For A Season

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Some friends only last for a season.

I so wish that statement wasn't true, but it is. You can share your life with someone for a long while, but then something happens. You may change, your friend may change or circumstances may change. Whatever the cause, it's good to really think about how to respond when your close friend stops being your close friend.

When you're really close with someone and then it seems that all of a sudden you're not, what do you do?

1. Check yourself. Did you do or say anything to hurt the person who was your closest friend? If so, go back to them and get it right! If you don't know if you did anything or not, then simply ask them. You won't know if you don't ask! If you check yourself and you realize that you haven't done anything to them, proceed to step two.

2. Take inventory of your heart. It really hurts when a friendship ends, as I know from experience. It's truly painful and sometimes when we're hurt, bitterness can spring up in our hearts. Make sure you have no hard feelings towards your friend. It's okay to be hurt and upset, but it's not okay to be mad at your friend, even if you realize that it was their fault that your friendship ended.

3. Pray for them and be gracious. We all want a close friend to do life with, right? Well pray that same thing for your friend! Pray God's blessings over them. If you want a good friend, pray that God will give THEM a good friend. If you want God to bless and take care of you, pray that God will bless and take care of them also. You found out that something really great happened in their life? Rejoice for them and praise God! (I know this can be super hard, but if we're to love others as we love ourselves, this step is necessary right?!) Rejoice when they rejoice and weep when they weep, even if you aren't there in person to do it with them.

4. Be a lifelong friend no matter what. Proverbs 17:17 says "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for a difficult time." Maybe your friend treated you harshly and that's why the relationship ended. So what? Forgive them, move on, and commit to be a friend to them even if they don't have that same commitment towards you anymore. What do I mean exactly? If they're ever in need, do what you can to help them. If they ever come to you asking for anything, be gracious and give it to them. If they ask for a favor, help them out. No matter how much time goes by, we are to be gracious and show them love in our actions and words, no matter what happened in our relationship. Treat them as though they are more important than yourself.

The fact that some friends only last for a season is truly tragic in my opinion. Somehow the person you spend time with going shopping, cooking, double-dating, talking and more becomes a stranger. I truly hate when that happens, but I believe the most important thing is to make sure your hands and your heart are clean! If you are going through a situation like this, I truly hope this post helps you to know how to respond with grace and dignity. Thanks for reading!

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