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Update: The Faithfulness of God

Hello friends! My family and I have some exciting news: My husband got offered a job that we have been praying for for almost 2 years! He is now the Associate/Youth Pastor of a church only an hour away from our parents home.

For those of you that don't know, it has been a hard year and a half for us. My husband was forced to resign from our last church in a most horrific way and it definitely left some scars. (Read about that here:

After losing our home (and our main livelihood) my parents were super generous to allow us to stay with them until Jason either got promoted at Publix or until we found a new ministry position. A year and half later, the Lord has answered our prayers and we could not be more excited!

I am thrilled that my husband is able to get back to his call to ministry. He completely thrives off of being a pastor and I am so happy for him. I'm also quite happy for myself because we are able to live in our own home again! Living with my parents was definitely a blessing, but it didn't come without its struggles. There's just something about being a homemaker and needing your own home (and especially your own kitchen). I am beyond ready to move and make our new house a home!

The Lord has brought healing over this past year that was very needed, and we are so grateful for the way He has constantly provided for all of our needs.

For those of you who have been praying for us this past year, we want to thank you. We also ask that you continue to pray as we begin this new and exciting journey.

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